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Posted By Sara Yoo on Dec 28, 2008 at 3:30PM

I decided that after 2 years of working in the internet industry (and around and among bloggers) that I would give this bloging thing a try.  Don't call me an early adopter.  2 years is my minimum adoption rate for anything form of technology, as demonstrated by the 7 years it took me to understand instant- and text- messaging.  But I digress...

Here you will see posts from myself, my husband (marketman) and possibly others, many revolving around the self-designated "person" you see in the photo at the left.  You can also expect quite a lot about Cal sports, some shots of us toodling around San Francisco, and perhaps some introspection about why I can't seem to get past "Medium" in Rock Band, no matter what instrument I play (see paragraph 1).  Am I revealing my extreme dorkiness too early?  Perhaps full disclosure is better, for your sake.  Well, enjoy!

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